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Behold! The two WORST Paving Jobs in Montreal History

Behold! The two WORST Paving Jobs in Montreal History iStock.com/Marc Bruxelle

Montreal is known as a city of constructions, cones and pothols. Our poor city streets really take a beating during the cold winter months, especially when temperatures fluctuate as they have this year. Poor repair jobs don’t help, and the end result is borderline unsafe, bumpy roads that damage cars and cost millions to repair.

You may have a hard time believing us when we say we have found the two definitive worst paving jobs in Montreal history… But we think we’ve nailed it.

OK, so here we go.

#2: City Workers Asphalt a cone INTO the Sidewalk on Papineau

On a stretch of Papineau Avenue at the corner of Sherbrooke Street, workers had to dig up a portion of sidewalk to fix a water line. Because it’s winter, workers patched up the area with asphalt instead of pouring new concrete – standard practice for this time of year. However, what’s a bit LESS standard is the fact that they asphalted an orange cone INTO the sidewalk!

The Internet’s reactions were, of course, hilarious, with some comparing it to a work of contemporary art. Many suggested the city should keep the cone in the sidewalk, as-is, to remind people of the perpetual state of disrepair our city is experiencing.

#1: City Workers Fill ICE HOLES with Asphalt

In Montreal, potholes are common, especially at this time of year. City crews are scrambling right now to get them all fixed. Depending on the quality of their work, these fixes usually hold for about a few weeks to a year or so…

But we’re betting good money that THIS fix won’t last more than a few DAYS… Workers patched potholes on one street WITHOUT REMOVING THE ICE FIRST! What did they think would happen once that ice melts??


Honourable Mention: Paving Around a Car

This incident from last spring deserves an honourable mention: when Denis Coderre was mayor, crews were caught paving around a parked car, leaving a huge gap in the paved surface. Instead of having the illegally parked car towed, they decided it would be better to (literally) cut corners.

Workers had to return to the site at great expense to finish the botched job.

Wow. Slow clap. /s 

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