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First Uber Jump Bikes Spotted in MTL

First Uber Jump Bikes Spotted in MTLPhoto courtesy: Reddit user /u/NicoloRizzuto

We’ve heard about Uber’s new dock-less bike sharing system coming to Montreal. Now, the first pictures of the distinctive red “JUMP” bikes have started popping up on social media.

The images, posted by Reddit user /u/NicoloRizzuto, show bikes that are similar in shape and design to Montreal’s emblematic Bixis, except that they’re coloured bright red. Three of these bikes appear to be docked on one of Montreal’s typical parking meter rings on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

Montreal announced earlier this year that it would impose strict rules in anticipation of these dock-less services coming to Montreal. Dock-less bikes such as Jump and scooters such as Lime have become a problem in other cities due to users leaving them haphazardly wherever there is – or isn’t – room! Companies operating such services, like Uber, will have to give their clients specific instructions on how to responsibly park their vehicles.

Oddly, the Uber Jump app, available in the United States, has not been made available here as of the time of this article. The bikes are not listed in the Uber app either. There is no word so far on how these bikes are supposed to be accessed. 

Many commenters are concerned that this could eat up already crowded bike parking spaces in the city.

Others say the added commuting options will only help Montreal’s mobility.

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