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The Beat of your Saint Jean 

The Beat of your Saint Jean  Wolfgang Kaehler / LightRocket / Getty Images

Sun’s out. School’s out. And the summer plans are made! 
Time to kick into high gear with The Beat’s Ultimate Summer Vacation Playlist!

The Beat helps you pack for summer vacation with all the biggest songs. Hangin’ in the back yard or a big family road trip

Tune in Saint-Jean Monday, June 24th from NOON-5PM with Jeremy White for the perfect soundtrack for your Ultimate Summer Vacation! 

St-Jean Weekend Events in Montreal 

The long weekend is almost here… And meanwhile, summer has finally arrived! You know what this means… Activities galore! There will be TONS of stuff to do, so here are a few highlights you won’t want to miss.


Image Source: mustafahacalaki / Editorial RF / Getty Images 

Montreal’s Top Summer Events for 2019

Montreal summers are infamously short… But AWESOME! The city really comes alive with sounds, colours, lights, food, music and much more. There’s something for everyone, and there are tons of events you don’t want to miss! Here, in chronological order, are the top summer events and festivals in Montreal that you should check out in 2019! 


Image Source: Jeff Greenberg / Universal Images Group / Getty Images 

Creative BBQ ideas for your St. Jean party!

Hopefully the sunshine peeps through for St Jean weekend!
Get a little creative this year on St. Jean with these great BBQ ideas!

Do you have a traditional St Jean recipe?


Image Source: AlexRaths / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images 

5 Girlfriend Getaways 

With your job, the kids and your many other obligations, spending quality time with your friends is a rare opportunity. As summer approaches, however, it might just be the time for that long-awaited getaway with your besties. Need any ideas? Here are five great options!



martin-dm / E+ / Getty Images

Source: martin-dm / E+ / Getty Images

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