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Interactive Map of Fall Colours in Quebec

Interactive Map of Fall Colours in QuebecZhou Jiang / Moment / Getty Images

Quebec is famous for its fall colours, when trees all over the place turn bright shades of red, orange, and yellow before losing their leaves. It’s an annual spectacle that draws tourists from around the world and remains impressive even to those of us who see it every year.

The trouble is… It never lasts long! And it’s hard to tell when exactly the fall colours will be at their peak. The season usually lasts only two to three weeks, and peak colours never last longer than a few days.

That’s why local blog QuébecOriginal created this super-useful interactive map of the fall colours across the province. It shows all sorts of popular areas to witness the fall foliage as it changes colours, and most interestingly, it also shows how far along the process is for each area in real-time! For example, green means the colours haven’t begun yet. Yellow means they’ve begun, red means they’re nearing the peak, and so on.

Right now, the season is close to its apex, with only a small area of yellow still surrounding Montreal. The colours will be amazing this weekend, so it's time to get out before the leaves turn brown and start falling!

Be sure to visit the interactive map at QuébecOriginal.com (article available in English) to get the full details, including the current status of colours. Don’t forget: this is an interactive, real-time map, so by the time you read this, the status may already have changed!


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