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  • Interactive Map Shows if MTL Supplies your Home with Lead Piping

Interactive Map Shows if MTL Supplies your Home with Lead Piping

Interactive Map Shows if MTL Supplies your Home with Lead PipingImgorthand / E+ / Getty Images

Lately, the city of Montreal has been under scrutiny for the vast amount of lead piping that they reportedly still used to provide homes with water. If you’re wondering about the level of risk you are exposed to, the city has just made it easier for you to get answers with an interactive map.

The map, available here on the city of Montreal’s website, provides a detailed explanation for each property on the island of Montreal about how likely it is that the building you live in still uses lead piping in its water supply chain.

Lead is a poisonous metal known to cause cancer. When it comes in contact with water, it slowly leeches into the liquid, a potential health risk for many people, especially children. Sadly, until about 1970, lead was still widely used in Montreal as water piping.

The issue recently came to public attention this Fall when 1 in 6 Montreal schools were found to have unacceptably high levels of lead in their tap water. To make matters worse, it was also found that testing methods used by the government, including waiting 5 minutes before taking water samples, meant that the severity of the situation was likely to have been underestimated.

If your home is supplied by lead piping, Montreal’s online interactive map will give you more information, including how to deal with the problem. For homeowners, replacing their piping may be necessary. In the meantime, it’s recommended to filter your drinking water.

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