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Electric cars are reliable and produce 0 emission

Electric cars are reliable and produce 0 emission
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The future is now!
Electric cars are reliable, environmentally friendly and offer great perks!  

Electric cars will get you where you need to go (don’t worry!)
Worried that the battery will die on you? Don’t. The average range of a fully electric vehicle is now 400 km. Your battery will be full when you leave the house in the morning and most people won’t do 400 km in a day. Range anxiety is a myth. EVs are designed to satisfy 95% of your days.

When you do want to go further, there’s an onboard app that will locate all the public charging stations for you (a network that has expanded significantly in Quebec and North America over the past few years and is not slowing down).

Winter or summer, your car will start and get you where you need to go. You can even preheat or pre air-condition your car from your cell phone.

Another bonus: every time you break, you’re charging back your battery.



Fully-electric cars have zero emissions in Quebec

Zero. When you’re warming up your car in the morning, when you’re stuck in traffic, there’s no pollution from your car. You’ll reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by 65% over 150,000 km of driving. Especially in Quebec, where we power with hydroelectricity, opting for an electric car is a way to reduce the impacts of transportation pollution on the health of your family, neighbours and the planet.



Electric cars have great performance 

Snap acceleration, superior handling even in the snow, no engine noise or vibration, driving an EV is fun! Book a test drive to see for yourself.

The cherry on top: Green plate benefits! 

An EV gets you a green licence plate. With a green licence plate, you get special access to certain reserved lanes, parking spots and can even have fees waived at certain toll booths and ferries.




Équiterre’s Running Electric website features a calculator to help find the right vehicle for you. Simply enter your annual mileage, daily mileage, price range and number of seats required, and you will get a list of the models available in Quebec, with plenty of other information. There’s also a list of upcoming test drive opportunities.

Cat Spencer recently got into an electric car with a Running Electric expert. His reaction: “This is amazing.”

Visit runningelectric.ca to learn more.

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