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Thank you for playing The Beat FX

Thank you for playing The Beat FX

Anyone listening to The Beat over the past few weeks knows we launched a new contest that we call The Beat FX. Every Monday to Friday we play a sound four times a day and all you have to do is guess the sound to win.

Fast forward a few weeks and it has been a resounding success with several listeners taking home big prizes! Here’s a recap of all the sounds we played and all the prizes we gave out.


Spreading butter on toast.
Scribbling on paper with a pen.
Shuffling a deck of cards.
Filing nails with a nail filer.


Vanessa Boulanger | $4,250

Belinda Amara | $250

Julia Contenta | $2,750

Christianne Meloche | $5,250

Keith Bayer | $1,500


Another Beat FX winner!


Another Beat FX winner!

In case you missed it, we had another BEAT FX winner and when you find out what she is spending the money on, it will bring a tear to your eye. 


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