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Crocs Are Cool Again, and Yes, They’re Fashionable

Crocs Are Cool Again, and Yes, They’re FashionableNatal-is / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

During its first wave of popularity in the late ’00s, Crocs were considered incredibly ugly, but the brightly coloured, hole-speckled rubber clogs sold well because many people chose comfort over fashion. Crocs became big among healthcare workers, little kids, and people who found traditional shoes unsatisfactory. As quickly as they rose in popularity, however, Crocs began to decline around 2008 for three main reasons:

Firstly, the shoe was highly considered “not cool”, so anyone who didn’t want people judging or mocking them most likely skipped on buying a pair. Secondly, a recession was beginning, and Americans were being extra picky on how they spent their money. Lastly, since the shoe is durable, anyone who already owned a pair didn’t need to rush out for a second. 

But at with most fashion trends, Crocs were ready to take the world by storm once again... 

Fast forward to 2020, and Crocs were making a huge comeback with sales skyrocketing during the past year and the shoes have taken over TikTok, with Gen Z users showing off their collections and customizations. They've since been spotted in more high-profile places with musician Questlove strolling down the Oscars' red carpet wearing an eye-catching pair of metallic gold Crocs earlier this month and celebrities, including Justin Bieber and Post Malone, signing deals with the company for their own styles. Sold out pairs of Bieber's collaboration, in fact, are now selling online for well above their asking price.

“Croc sales on StockX have increased dramatically over the past three months, outpacing the overall sneaker market by more than 8x,” Jesse Einhorn, StockX’s senior economist said via email. “Average resale prices for Crocs on StockX have increased by nearly 80% since January. In January, the average pair of Crocs on StockX was reselling for $97. Today, they're reselling for $175, or nearly 3x their average retail price.”

In a year where sweatpants and pullovers are considered en vogue while working from home, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Crocs (despite their look) are once again popular. According to a recent study published on YouGov, 34% of adults say yes, they are fashionable— while 40% of adults say they are not, and 25% aren't sure.

What is surprising, however, is the numbers get higher, the younger you go. In the group ages 18-24, 53% say Crocs are fashionable!

One of Post Malone's collaborative clogs Business Wire

Source: One of Post Malone's collaborative clogs Business Wire

The Justin Bieber Crocs Courtesy of Crocs

Source: The Justin Bieber Crocs Courtesy of Crocs

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