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Our Dream Vacations Winners (So Far)

Our Dream Vacations Winners (So Far)

If you’ve been listening to the Beat 92.5 over the past two weeks, you know we are currently running a contest called The Beat Dream Vacation.

It’s simple. All you have to do to enter is fill out a form and tell us what your dream vacation is and why. Every morning the Morning Show will randomly choose a winner and that person will receive a surprise phone call breaking the news that they've won!

But you got to make sure you are listening, so you don’t miss the call!

So far, we’ve had seven lucky winners. In case you missed it, here is everyone who won the Beat Dream Vacation so far and where they want to travel!


Frank won a trip to Las Vegas! Listen to his phone call here!

Tiffany is headed to Paris with her daughter. Listen to how she reacted to the prize here!

Cindy couldn't stop crying after winning a trip to Portugal for her dad. Listen to the call here!

Samantha won a trip to Greece! Listen to the clip here!

Julie was emotional after winning a trip to Barcelona. Listen to the call here.

Constance won a trip to travel to Newfoundland!

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