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Here are the top dog names in Montreal for 2022

Here are the top dog names in Montreal for 2022
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Are you a recent pet owner or are about to become a pet owner? Well, this list couldn’t have come at a better time!

A recent list was put together by Rover, a pet sitter and dog walker network, focusing on the most common dog names regionally and nationally in Canada.

While some canine names were inspired by celebrities, Game of Thrones, and Marvel characters… Here are the top 5 dog names that made the list in Montreal for 2022:

1. Pepper
2. Milo
3. Neo
4. Bear 
5. Bruce

The list shows that traditional names like Rex and Spot are becoming less popular overtime.

“What really strikes me about certain names, especially in the past decade, is the names are extremely human-like, they parallel what you would name a treasured human baby, and that's sort of reflective of how we think of them," said Rover veterinary medical advisor Dr. Rebecca Greenstein.

Other popular names that made the list include: Kobe, Dragon, Thor, Delta, Zoom, Fauci, and other names that have been of-the-times in 2021. 

One name that has been on the rise? Cole.

Up by 622 per cent this year, definitely inspired by goal-scorer Cole Caufield and his jaw dropping sportsmanship with the Habs run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2021.

What is your favorite dog name? Let us know!

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