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La Poutine Week is back next month

La Poutine Week is back next month
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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we take our poutine very seriously. It’s simple, but perfect fast food, and like any good childhood staple, something we have fond nostalgic feelings towards. That’s why we’re excited to learn that La Poutine Week is set to return to Canada next month! And to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, La Poutine Week has extended its runtime to two full weeks. Things kick off on February 1st and will be running until February 14th!

About La Poutine Week

Each year, Canadian restaurants from coast to coast compete in creating the most unique, most decadent, and most delicious poutines in hopes of attracting more customers.

Why it’s important…

For the past decade, La Poutine Week has been both a regional competition for great poutine and a great excuse to support local restaurants and raise money for Canadian charities.

This year, DoorDash will offer $8 off orders of $15 or more on eligible poutine orders throughout the poutine fest to support local restaurants across the country.


Stay tuned for a list of participating restaurants in every city.

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