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  • Discover the Montreal Metro’s Secret Hidden Station

Discover the Montreal Metro’s Secret Hidden Station

Discover the Montreal Metro’s Secret Hidden Station facebook

The Montreal metro has a SECRET, hidden station inaccessible to the public!

Nicknamed “the 69th station”, this location’s main purpose is to train operators to deal with emergency systems such as fires. Its exact location is kept secret; it’s not connected to the rest of the metro system.

The history of this “secret station” can be traced back to December 9, 1971, when a major fire caused an estimated $5-10 million in damages (that’s at least $30 million in today’s dollars). At the time, many experts believed the metro system, due to its plastic and metal construction, was fireproof. They couldn’t have been more wrong; the fire took 30 hours to extinguish completely and the train operator lost his life.

Nowadays, all train operators have to complete a fire safety “final exam” in the STM’s specially-designed replica station. This “secret station” is inundated with fake smoke and lit up with road flares to simulate a fire. The operator must demonstrate proper knowledge of first response procedures before being allowed to operate a real train.

Check out video footage of the STM’s “secret station” (in French):

Live from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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