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Startup Lets Dog Lovers Borrow a Dog

Startup Lets Dog Lovers Borrow a Dog

Are you a dog lover who just can’t have a dog for some reason? Maybe someone in your home is allergic. You could also be living in a space too small, or simply not have time in your busy schedule to care for a dog. There are many reasons you could be missing out, but now, a Montreal startup has the perfect solution!

The new company, called Dogtime Community, lets dog owners loan out their pets for walks or play time. It’s a win-win-win situation for dogs, their owners, AND you! The dogs get extra love and walks, the owners get a break from their responsibilities, and YOU get to spend some time with a dog, no strings attached!

The app displays dogs near you with a photo, a name and a breed. 

Dogtime Community

Source: Dogtime Community

Much like many dating apps, members will only be put in touch with dog owners if their request is accepted. After that, they can chat via the platform.

The first dog you request is free, and after that, membership is $9.99 per month. Dog owners, however, can register and loan out their dogs, for free. 

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