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CRAZY Map Shows every Bed Bug Extermination in MTL

CRAZY Map Shows every Bed Bug Extermination in MTL Public Domain Files

We’ve gotta warn you… This article is NOT for the faint of heart! If you’ve never had bed bugs, count yourself lucky. They’re one of the worst things that can happen to an otherwise comfortable living situation. Aside from their itchy bites, their presence causes anxiety, stress and great nuisance. Having bed bugs can mean that you’ll need to turn your entire home literally upside-down, just to let the exterminators do their work.

These little critters are hard to spot, and with the increasing frequency of overseas travel, as well as moving within a city, they’ve begun to spread more quickly in past years.

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That’s why the City of Montreal has begun to catalogue all bed bug exterminations on its territory, in an effort to better understand and control the problem. There is even an interactive map available so that you can see every extermination that took place in a given area!

Unfortunately, the map doesn’t specify which building is affected; you can only see street corners. Yellow dots indicate areas where one extermination happened, while orange and pink dots indicate higher concentrations (up to 3-4 exterminations per dot).

Unfortunately, for much of the West Island, data is not available because those municipalities are de-merged from Montreal. However, this map should still give you a good idea of where in the City of Montreal the problem is worse, and where it’s not so bad…

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