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Jamie Foxx shares secrets to staying fit at 50

Jamie Foxx shares secrets to staying fit at 50 © Cover Media

Jamie Foxx keeps his body in tip-top shape at 50 with intense band work and key strengthening exercises.

The Collateral actor and singer is convinced he wouldn't be so ripped without pulling on straps while performing exercise sets.

“One of the most effective things for me is working out with bands,” he tells Men's Journal. “I’ll take the bands and strap that over my knees. I’ll do about 20 to 25 squats with the band. Then I drop the band to my ankle and do lunges to the side, 15 times right, 15 times left, 15 times forward, 15 times back... and then about 20 semi-circles with my feet.

"After that, I’ll lay lay down on the ground, and do the bridge exercise move about 50 times. When you do that routine, it gets everything going and gets you ready for what’s next. The bands are key for me."

He also calls on tips from trainers at the world-famous Sports Academy in Los Angeles.

“There’s this place called Sports Academy, right around the corner from my house," he adds. "It’s the greatest place in the world to train."

Noting professional basketball players train at the facility, which boasts nine basketball courts as well as baseball and volleyball facilities, the dad-of-two gushes, "Going there is a great way to decompress and get in a workout. I’m 50 years old, they got me touching the basketball rim. I can jump up and touch it.

"I bring the whole family there and we can all enjoy it. That’s literally how we decompress. They have a computer room for the kids, so when we get there I’ll say, 'Y’all, we gotta work out first'. And they work out for two minutes and then they sneak up and they’re playing (video game) Fortnite. But it’s great to go together, and it helps me get in my training."

Jamie also performs pull-ups, focuses on back strengthening exercises, and eats healthy, but he refuses to go on extreme diets to reach his fitness goals.

"If anybody tells you to fast or not eat, it’s the worst thing you do,” Foxx warns. “For me, it’s about eating right. You just have to eat smart and put the right things in your body. You can eat anytime you want to, as long as you are doing the right things."

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