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Valérie Plante: “Stop taking selfies with coyotes!”

Valérie Plante: “Stop taking selfies with coyotes!” @pexels

Montreal is being invaded by coyotes! Unsurprisingly, urban environments don’t mix well with wild predators… So far, three incidents involving coyotes and children have been reported, and there could be more. Mayor Valérie Plante even saw fit to warn people against taking selfies with the wild beasts.

Indeed, it seems that Montrealers have been attempting to take selfies with these dangerous animals, which is obviously a terrible idea! It’s disconcerting that that even needs to be spelled out, but hey… It’s 2018, after all! /s

In a Tweet sent out Wednesday morning, Plante said people should “never attempt to approach a coyote to feed it, give it water or take a selfie!”

One person responded with this picture…

Twitter / @BendaGeek

Source: Twitter / @BendaGeek

Authorities say it will be impossible to completely eradicate coyotes from Montreal. “They’ve been here for 40 years,” Plante said Monday. Instead, Montrealers should educate themselves about how to react when encountering a coyote.

Here are a few do’s and don’t’s: 

  • DO: make noise, yell;
  • DO: make yourself imposing;
  • DO: keep your distance;
  • DON’T: approach the animal;
  • DON’T: attempt to feed the animal;
  • DON’T: turn your back to the animal, especially if it’s close.

So, basically… If you see a coyote in Montreal, just walk away! Easy!

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