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Mandy Moore's cat died on eve of her wedding

Mandy Moore's cat died on eve of her wedding

Mandy Moore suffered heartbreak before her weekend (18Nov18) wedding after her beloved pet cat died.

Madeline passed away on the eve of the actress and singer's big day, and the This Is Us star has taken to social media to reveal the sad news.

"This weekend was a roller coaster of emotions in every way," she writes. "Sometimes life doesn’t consider that you have big plans underway. Sometimes the earth just falls right out beneath you.

"We lost our sweet Madeline very suddenly on Saturday evening and my heart is so utterly broken. She had an enlarged heart (it had to be true because there wasn’t a sweeter, more affectionate cat in all the land), blood clots formed and sent her into heart failure. Completely out of the blue.

"We’re still in shock and processing the pain and grief of this loss but holding her in my arms, making sure she knew she was safe and loved as she took her last breaths will stay with me for the rest of my life."

And the newlywed admits her cat was a trooper to the end: "This poor cat would suffer through allergy shots every other day and not blink as we tried to get pills down her throat and then hop up in our laps and purr louder than a car engine," Mandy adds. "She never held it against us… like she knew we were trying to help her feel better.

"Animals really are the ultimate teachers. Thank you for the lessons in patience, responsibility and unconditional love, Madeline. Love you, baby girl."

Moore and her singer/songwriter fiance Taylor Goldsmith exchanged vows in a simple ceremony on Sunday. 

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