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Vinny and Nikki Replay

Listen to the best segments from Vinny and Nikki in the Morning on Montreal’s Perfect Mix, The Beat 92.5! Vinny and Nikki are on air weekday mornings from 5:30am… Missed today’s show? Here’s the place where you can find what you missed, as well as previous shows and more!

Check out Are You Smarter Than Sam and Nikki's Biz for MORE from Vinny and Nikki in the Morning!


Today, find out who will be reunited with their family this Christmas!
PLUS, seven ways to avoid weight gain over the Holidays. And have you ever DUMPED someone because they didn’t like your DOG or PET?

On today’s podcast, we talked about whether it’s harder to be single during the Holidays.

PLUS, what do you dislike about your boss? We reveal the NUMBER ONE thing employees hate about their bosses… Does your match up? And Christmas presents: have you ever bought something for someone else, that was really for you?


It turns out there is actually ONE DAY in the year that’s better than any other to find LOVE on dating sites…

PLUS, Canadians kept asking to have “Baby It’s Cold Outside” on the air again, and radio stations are bringing it back! And the “Do’s and Don’t’s” of Holiday tipping. 


Did you know that compliments lift moodes, enhance learning, and MORE! Giving them is more beneficial, too… But they’ve GOT to be genuine. Do you like receiving compliments?

PLUS: Why Montreal coffee shops may charge for disposable cups… And is this the WORST Christmas gift idea for women?


A world famous cellist was busking in the Montreal Metro. A young man was fed up with his job at Walmart…and he’s not gonna take it nymore! Nikki has been doing something wrong for months…and now she’s a little scared.


Stuntman Sam has the BEST nickname for his girlfriend… You’ve gotta hear it to believe it!

PLUS: a little help for someone who texted in to ask about a potentially difficult dating situation… And is there a new pet in your family? Here are some of the top names right now! 


Today, Donna filled in for Nikki... We talked about the "GOLDEN RULES" of asking someone out!

PLUS: do you or SHOULD you have a Christmas spending limit? And Vinny brings back a Holiday favourite: "Unnecessarily Censored Christmas Songs"!


A new edition of "Date Him or Dump Him": should he introduce her to his family for the Holidays? 

PLUS: your phone is not as private as you think… But it's your fault! And... Up to you, Montreal: should THIS fashion trend be allowed to come back?


How much would YOU pay to take a nap at work? It’s not as crazy as it sounds…

PLUS, our guide to surviving your office Christmas party, and disaster stories from Christmas parties, including one VERY juicy story from our very own Cousin Vinny! And Nikki hands out a “mom of the year” award!


Is your teenager ADDICTED to their smartphone? Apparently, teens have been taking their smartphone addiction to the extreme…

PLUS: people want to ban “Baby it’s Cold Outside” for THIS weird reason. And how would YOU react if you came home to find a bunch of teens partying in your house? It happened to one couple, hear that CRAZY story on today’s podcast!



You won’t believe this… Cat actually saw someone using a PAYPHONE! And Nikki saw a DUCK in the middle of downtown Montreal?! WHAT is going on?!

PLUS: what’s the most ridiculous kid’s name you’ve ever heard? We talk about a few… And another edition of “To Tell The Truth”!



This morning on the Vinny and Nikki Replay podcast: SHOULD (or would) you lend $$$ to a family member?
PLUS, we found the FUNNIEST words ever. Can a single word be funny on its own? Do you agree with these? And hear about the gender reveal party that got out of hand… Like, $8 MILLION out of hand! Yikes!


On today's podcast, Cat Spencer reveals HOW to improve your dating profile... PLUS, is it acceptable for a restaurant to rush you out the door? We'll talk about that and MORE!


On today’s “Replay”: Don’t talk to me before I’ve had coffee! PLUS, hear about the difference between Nikki’s fantasies and Cat and Sam’s! Also, Cat’s daughter is turning 16… And he needs help! 


Some feel good stories for a Monday morning on “Tell Me Something Good”…
If the cold dark days of the winter season are finding you in line at the SAQ more often, there’s a scientific reason!
And… Nikki brings in a “Date Him Or Dump Him” story… For herself!


On today’s show (Nov. 23), get marriage tips… From Dolly Parton?!
PLUS: a new edition of Vinny and Nikki’s “To Tell the Truth” and much more!


VIDEO: Watch Vinny and Nikki’s “Jock Talk”…

Vinny and Nikki get answers to their burning questions from the other on-air hosts here at The Beat 92.5!


On today’s podcast: can moving back in with your parents make you CRAZY? Science says “yes”!...
PLUS: should “kissing” be considered “cheating”? You won’t BELIEVE how many men answered “no”!



What time do you think most affairs happen? PLUS, another edition of “Date Him or Dump Him” and IS IT WEIRD for kids to call their parents by their first name? Listen to Vinny and Nikki’s podcast for all of this and more!


On this first episode… How much blame does your MOM carry for your poor relationship? Where should you keep your phone to be happiest? 

Live from 12:00 AM to 5:30 AM
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