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How About Getting Engaged?

How About Getting Engaged?iStock/Getty

Isn’t marrying Prince Charming what every little girl dreams of?

Sadly, the reality of marriage is not always a fairy tale, especially nowadays. But while this centuries-old tradition is not as idyllic as it once was, an engagement ring is still seen by many as a simple and symbolic way to make a relationship official – wedding ring be damned (or suffer-ring, as some men jokingly call it!).

And they lived happily ever after anyway…

Whether celebrated in private or in the presence of a larger group of friends and family members, getting engaged is a promise for couples to spend their lives together, a more serious commitment than dating or living as common-law partners, but at the same time without the expenses, formalities and legal aspect of marriage (the latter typically implies a contract).

By the way, an engagement can end quite simply, with no particular process required. In the event of a separation or death, however, the two partners don’t get the same protections as married couples under the law.

5 good reasons to get engaged

  • It’s a major proof of love, a romantic and poetic way to demonstrate that you’re ready to move forward;
  • Getting engaged gives couples a new feeling of joy, pride and growth;
  • It makes your love decision clearer (“He/She is the One!”) and confirms that you’re now off the market, thus limiting flirtations;
  • In stepfamilies, getting engaged can reassure children about the nature of their parent’s new relationship;
  • If you ultimately get married, this sort of trial period or beta test will have been beneficial, reducing the likelihood of a quick divorce.







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