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10 Stars We’d LOVE to see at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

10 Stars We’d LOVE to see at the Super Bowl Halftime Show iStock/Getty
  1. Adele
    Adele has been offered the opportunity to sing at this year’s Super Bowl Halftime show, but she’s turned it down! She says the Halftime show is not about music… The “power move” did one good thing… It got her lots of press coverage!

  2. Taylor Swift
    This would be a swell addition too, only Taylor, of course, has a partnership with Coca-Cola… The Halftime show is sponsored by Pepsi, so something needs to change there. Maybe in a few years, who knows?

  3. Miley Cyrus
    We can only imagine how colourful and scandalous this could get! Imagine the entertainment value!

  4. Drake
    The Canadian rapper is one of the hottest artists in the world right now, not only for his music, but also for his recurring presence in the… Aherm… “Rumor mill”. We would love to see what Drake would do in the Super Bowl spotlight.

  5. Metallica
    Rock and metal fans will definitely agree with this one! If there’s one metal band in the world that could pull off a palatable Super Bowl performance, it’s Metallica. They have enough popular appeal, and they’re hot off the release of a thrashing new album right now. Too bad they’ve said they don’t want to play it!

  6. Rihanna
    Not only is Rihanna one of the hottest music stars right now, she really knows how to put on a show, and she’s well respected in the industry… We’re betting the NFL has an eye on her for the near future.

  7. Foo Fighters
    One of rock’s most popular groups right now, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters bring amazing energy and power to each performance.

  8. Jay-Z
    Rap has been under-represented at Super Bowl Halftime shows, because it doesn’t fit as well with the show’s audience and the NFL’s criteria. Jay-Z could be an exception, though!

  9. Daft Punk
    Hot off their recent collaboration with The Weeknd, Daft Punk would surely bring fresh new textures and feelings to the Super Bowl. They’re perfectly capable of packing some amazing surprises, too!

  10. Weird Al Yankovic
    He may not be on the NFL’s radar quite yet, but Weird Al’s famously wack parody music would certainly bring joy (and possibly some confusion) to the event. Interestingly, there’s already a petition to have him billed.
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