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Michael Buble's sister-in-law tagged along to early dates with his now-wife

Michael Buble's sister-in-law tagged along to early dates with his now-wife © Cover Media

Singer Michael Buble recruited his now-sister-in-law to serve as his translator and tag along for early dates with Luisana Lopilato, because the model/actress barely spoke any English.

The Home hitmaker met first set sight on the beauty in late 2008, when she attended one of his shows in her native Argentina and came backstage with a male friend.

Buble previously revealed he thought the pair was a couple, so he was left distraught until he began chatting to Luisana's date, and realized they were just friends.

However, huddling together with the guy friend didn't leave a great impression on the actress, as she became convinced the crooner was gay.

They soon managed to clear up any confusion, and she agreed to go on a date with Michael - but they still had a language barrier to overcome, so they had Luisana's sister join them whenever they went out.

"Her sister actually helped me, because her sister could speak more English than she could," Michael told U.S. news show Access Hollywood.

"I was like, 'Listen, I think you're beautiful, and I'd love to see if we can spend some time with you,' and so every one of the first dates we had, which was over a group of months, was always with her sister, always with friends."

Buble even resorted to carrying around his laptop with him so he could use a program to translate things into Spanish for Luisana: "I used to bring a MacBook, and I would press (a button) to translate," he smiled.

His charming efforts worked and the couple wed in 2011.

However, Michael is still convinced he simply got lucky in finding the woman of his dreams, who has become the mother of his three children: "It was a fluke," he said. "I happened to meet a girl that I thought was attractive, beautiful physically, and then the more I got to know her, the more I realized that beauty was multiplied on the inside.

"I just married up in the biggest way, and I'm fascinated just watching her as a mother. She's my family, and I'm very, very lucky." 

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