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Mornings with Nikki, Sam & Andy Replay

Mornings with Nikki, Sam & Andy Replay

Listen to the best segments from Mornings with Nikki, Sam & Andy on Montreal’s Perfect Mix, The Beat 92.5! Nikki, Sam & Andy are on air weekday mornings from 5:30am… Missed today’s show? Here’s the place where you can find what you missed, as well as previous shows and more!

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Check out Are You Smarter Than Sam He’s not just a bunch of impressions and one-liners. He’s pretty smart, too… 


Andy might be the only person on the planet that is confused about proper sauna attire

Would you consider living in separate homes…even when you’re married? PLUS  Another edition of Nikki Sam and Andy’s To Tell The Truth. Did this REALLY happen to Doug?


Its something we do all the time, but this Montreal man got a ticket for it from the Police. How much would you pay for the latest smartphone? Theory vs reality: How often do you change your bed sheets?


Do you have a friend that requests that you comment on their social media posts?


What would you say is the hardest thing to do with your partner day to day!

PLUS: Nikki “smudged” the studio…and we learned that Andy forgot to put on a clean Tshirt. also be careful what emoji’s you use when texting…they could mean something completely different


She found THIS out about her husband… On their wedding night!

What is the right amount of bath towels to own? The answer is somewhere between Nikki and Sam! And how young is TOO young to declare your love?

PLUS, the more we get to know about Andy, the more we realize how much of a picky eater he is…


Is re-gifting ok? What if it’s an engagement ring?

PLUS, are the Oscars still an awards show that you watch? Even without a host, this weekend’s show promises to be just as long as usual. And what would you be willing to give up to have your dream home?

Is “chivalry” dead or have the rules just changed? We’ve got the answer.

PLUS, a Public Service Announcement! Always be careful what you yell out in the bathroom stall in Home Depot... LOL! And another edition of To Tell The Truth! Can our guest Sid fool Nikki, Sam & Andy?

Happy Valentine's Day! Nikki was asked out by a guy she hasn’t heard from in a while. Should she go?

PLUS: it's Valentine’s Day and Andy’s best option was dinner with his mom… So we flew his wife into town to surprise him! And... Do you secretly hope your ex has a really bad time on Valentine’s Day? We have options if you do!


Andy is still looking for a place to live… And he’s got two weeks left to find his new home! How’s about a little help, Montreal?

PLUS, yes we got snow. A lot of it. But so did the rest of the country. So why do we deal with it better? And is this button the future of intimacy between you and your significant other?

What do women REALLY want for Valentine’s Day?? ... And also Sam!

PLUS, This is perhaps the most wanted woman in Canada… Have you seen her? And sending private intimate photos can have serious repercussions…have you done it or do you do it?

A mom has taken to the internet with some sleeping arrangement rules for her 19-year-old... What are the rules in YOUR house?

PLUS, Nikki, Sam & Andy’s favourite moments from 61st annual Grammy Awards in L.A. And would you get back together with an ex? We think it could happen for THIS celeb ex power couple!


A woman is suing Montreal for something that’s happened to all of us…

PLUS, Erica asks Nikki, Sam & Andy if she should “Date Him Or Dump Him?” And another edition of “To Tell The Truth”… Is Zoe really a retired CSIS Spy?!


Do you talk to strangers on the plane?

Would you give your info to a stranger on a plane if you thought it would lead to a date?

PLUS, a new social media account is shaming you for throwing your coffee cups on the ground… And men are likely to do THIS on a first date to impress the ladies


Hawaii wants to BAN smoking! Should they do it?

PLUS, is it ok to perform this personal hygiene act in the workplace? And Andy continues to explore the city and went to Lasalle… But the wrong one!!

Andy learns what to do in MTL from Nikki & Sam!

Andy did a real “Montreal” thing yesterday but Nikki & Sam have more things for the new guy to do to become a fully-fledged Montrealer!

PLUS, Nikki doesn’t need to be upsold at the hardware store, thank you very much… Just gimme the plunger, buddy! :/

And… It’s a huge pet peeve… That turned into one of the most Canadian incidents of road rage you’ll ever witness!


Welcome to the Nikki, Sam & Andy Replay Podcast!

Get to know our new morning show co-host with a round of “Ask Andy Anything!” PLUS, did Nikki survive “Dry January”? And  was a restaurant right to do this to a young girl?

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