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Lily James: 'I hope turning 30 will be my anchor point'

Lily James: 'I hope turning 30 will be my anchor point' © Cover Media

Lily James is hoping that turning 30 in April (19) will be an "anchor point" in her life, after what she considers to have been a "chaotic" decade.

The actress, famous for her roles in films such as Cinderella, Baby Driver and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, will reach the landmark age on 5 April. And in an interview with Harper's Bazaar U.K., Lily admitted she's excited about welcoming in the new decade, as she believes it will mark a new approach for her.

"It is a real turning point," she told the publication. "My twenties have been so chaotic, and I’ve always looked forward to 30 as being an anchor point. You stop caring so much about what other people think, and become more secure in your own life."

As an example, Lily explained she's previously been hesitant about voicing her opinions at work, or requesting something such as an inclusion rider demanding diversity among a project's cast and crew.

But she adds: "I guess everyone needs to be doing it. Screw agreeability, screw feeling like you’re not worthy of demanding what is right."

Another thing Lily is looking to change as she approaches 30 is the type of roles she takes on. Despite attempting to switch things up over the years, she's still well known for playing Cinderella opposite Richard Madden in the 2015 movie - an association she is keen to move away from.

"Cinderella was a gift, and I will treasure it for the rest of my life," she insisted. "But I wore a dress for the Mamma Mia! premiere that was blue and white and quite pouffy, and when I got out on the red carpet, all anyone said was 'Oh it's Cinderella!' It's a happy association, but also something that you want to shed at some point… The blonde, sweet thing is so not me.

"I'm actively seeking characters from now on that are different, who don't rely on charm or the qualities that I think I've explored quite a lot."

One characteristic Lily perhaps isn't known for is her temper, which she insists is "quite explosive", explaining that she "doesn't always deal with pressure and stress well." 

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