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Home Activites for March Break

Home Activites for March Break istock.com/TShum

Are you staying at home this March break? 

If your plan for March break involves staying home and just RELAXING, you might be in for a challenge with the little ones... Kids need stimulation! Thankfully, there are lots of low-energy activities that you can organize at home to keep your kids busy and under control! Whether your "thing" is movies, crafts, cooking or anything else, here are some ideas.

For creafts, you don't need to break the bank... Dollarama has some great supplies that you can buy in stores or online!

1. Painting with the kids.

For young kids, painting is a great way to learn how to make art! Get your kids painting with brushes, or their fingers... Just make sure to keep things clean by spreading out some newspaperbeforehand and selecting a water-based paint that's easy to wash off your kids' hands.

2. Make fun crafts. 

You can make all sorts of crafts with your kids... Maybe asking them what they learned to make in art class at school would be a good start. Using popsicle sticks, construction paper, wood glue and other assorted tidbits, the possibilities are literally endless!

3. Dress up in costumes and play different characters.

Who said it needs to be Halloween for some costume play? Any time of year can be made into fun with some good old dressup! At the same time, you can build a pillow fort and have HOURS of fun!

4. Cooking together as a family. 

This is our personal favourite... Time off school is IDEAL for teaching your kids how to cook. You'll have their full attention and enough time tor eally go through all the steps one-by-one. It's times like these that you should use to pass down your knowledge of family recipes, personal tips & tricks and favourite foods... Trust us, your kids will THANK you for this later in life!

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