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TOP 5 Family-Friendly Breakfast Places

TOP 5 Family-Friendly Breakfast Places iStock.com/Rawpixel

Are you a brunch lvoer? You're not the only one! But what about your kids?

Brunch is a VERY popular activity in Montreal... Even more so when people are off work & school, for example during March break... It's the perfect time to initiate your kids to the pleasure of the-meal-that's-not-quite-breakfast-but-not-quite-lunch! There are so many different restaurants for a family outing to choose from.

But for your kids' initiation to brunching out, we put together a TOP 5 where you can enjoy a YUMMY breakfast together in a friendly atmosphere!

1. Allô Mon Coco 

With 12 locations on-island, 3 on the South Shore and 2 in Laval, Allô Mon Coco is a must-try, and you'll definitely find one near you! 

2. Coco Loco

One of our favourites - Coco Loco takes breakfast food to a new level with the freshest ingredients and careful preparation. There are 2 locations to choose from: 100 Peel, #113 in Griffintown, and 346 Curé-Labelle in Sainte-Rose.

3. Au Pain Doré

Au Pain Doré is another classic brunch chain, with more of a focus on great bread options such as croissants, chocolatines, etc. This is also a bakery, so feel free to bring a little something back home with you for your next meal! They have 5 locations to choose from in Montreal, and 1 in Laval.

4. Chez Cora

Cora déjeuners is another "staple" of classic Quebec breakfasts and brunches. They have 12 locations in Montreal, 5 on the South shore and 3 in Laval.


5. Eggspectation

Eggspectation offers a more "American" take on brunch - expect a focus on pancakes, waffles, bacon and eggs! They offer 5 locations in Montreal, and one on the South Shore.

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