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Lady Gaga now has the Most Viewed Instagram Video

Lady Gaga now has the Most Viewed Instagram Video iStock.com/tenmami

Lady Gaga has officially beaten the record for “most viewed video” on Instagram, and the Internet is scratching its head as to WHY…

On Valentine’s Day 2019, Mother Monster posted a video showing off a new tattoo of a musical measure with four notes: G, A, G, A – an awesome tattoo choice for her! The video has now accumulated over 400 MILLION views! That’s a new record on Instagram – previously, the most viewed video appears to have been this time-lapse of a coffee cup drawing, with 350 million views.

The tattoo looks like this:


Source: iStock.com/tenmami

The video itself is cute, too – Gaga is saying “musical crisis averted” because apparently she forgot the fifth line of a musical measure after “too many tequilas”! The video shows the final form of the tattoo after the fifth line was added as a correction.

Of course, there is an “alternate meaning” to this tattoo that has the Internet speculating… The notes spell “GAGA” on the treble clef, but they also spell “BCBC” for Bradley Cooper on the bass clef. Lady Gaga mysteriously left out the clef marker that is traditionally drawn at the beginning of a musical measure… Perhaps it’s meant to be an enigma? But it's probably no coincidence that the video was posted on Valentine's Day.....


Source: iStock.com/tenmami

In any case, CONGRATS Lady Gaga on breaking an Instagram record! We may never find out WHY your video was THIS popular, but hey… Congrats anyways!

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