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What Moms Really Want

What Moms Really Want iStock.com/vadimguzhva

Mother’s Day is a time for connection and appreciation. 

Over the years, the traditional celebration of Mother’s Day has become a bit of a greed fest! The insane amount of websites promoting good and services, products and gifts for Mother’s Day illustrates that gift-giving has become the “mainstream” way of celebrating Mother’s Day.

It’s easy to understand why: giving a gift demonstrates that you’ve thought of Mom, but spares you the added effort of doing something really special. We don’t blame you! These days, with people’s hectic schedules, it can be really tough to organize something special. But isn’t Mom worth it?

Here are some simple ways you can make Mom feel really special this Sunday!

Give Her a Break!

Think of the things your Mom does, for you and others, on a daily basis. From shopping for groceries to cooking, to managing her work schedule, she’s a busy lady! And we’re betting those things just scratch the surface.

Start by making a list of things that your Mom does every day that you could realistically take over for her.

Then, warn her that you’re taking over! Simple, really… And how many of us can’t afford to spend a Sunday helping Mom?

Give Her your Time

Often, when it comes to Moms (and Dads), your presence is presents enough! Go over and visit her; talk to her. If you live far away, schedule a phone call or a Skype conversation. Spend the time that you would typically spend shopping for a present with her instead. These moments of connection are priceless, and so much more valuable than any material things!


Spoil Her

You don’t need expensive or “typical” gifts to spoil your Mom! Think about cooking her dinner. Or better yet, offer her a nicely framed picture of the family, or even just the kids. You’ll get extra points for this if your family lives far from each other.

Maybe a day at the spa is a perfect gift! Or even just a massage coupon. She’s bound to appreciate that more than flowers, that will probably end up dying within days or weeks.

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