Medium Monday

Medium Monday

Nikki Sam and Andy went to see a Paul the Medium both Sam and Andy are more skeptical on the topic but went to try it. Nikki is a true believer of medium's. Sam was the first to go and here is what Paul had to tell him.


Medium Monday: Nikki’s Reading

Medium Paul BLEW Nikki’s MIND with his insight into her mom’s health… And had some very interesting revelations about Nikki’s love life, and WHY there might be change on the horizon.



Monday Medium: Stuntman Sam's reading:

Sam wanted to know if he was in the right relationship and if starting a family was the right thing to do.
Here is what Paul the medium had to say.


Medium Monday: Andy's Reading

Time for another “Medium Monday”! Sam discovered some things about himself last week, and this week, it’s Andy’s turn. Andy is a bit more skeptical about the whole thing, and he also feared his reading in some ways…

Hear what Andy discovered about himself on this week’s “Medium Monday”!


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