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Nikki's Biz

Nikki's Biz

All the entertainment headlines you need... From here to Hollywood and back! If it's trending, it's on Nikki's Biz!

Tune in to Nikki's Biz at 6:30am weekdays on Mornings with Nikki, Sam & Andy!


Nikki's Biz: Billboard Woman of the Decade Taylor Swift


Nikki's Biz: Taylor Swift releases christmas song


Nikki's Biz: Willie Nelson quits smoking marijuana




Nikki's Biz: Grammy Nominations


11/05/2019: Nikki's Biz


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10/21/2019: Nikki's Biz


10/17/2019: Nikki's Biz


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10/15/2019: Nikki's Biz


10/10/2019: Are You Smarter Than Sam


10/09/2019: Nikki's Biz


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10/01/2019: Nikki's Biz


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09/26/2019: Nikki's Biz


Nikki's Biz: 09/25/2019


09/24/2019: Nikki's Biz


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09/20/2019: Nikki's Biz


09/19/2019: Nikki's Biz


09/18/2019: Nikki's Biz


09/17/2019: Nikki's Biz


09/16/2019: Nikki's Biz


09/12/19: Nikki's Biz


09/11/2019: Nikki's Biz

Apparently, J-Lo was NOT a great pole dancer and it took her a while to learn!

FIRST, Kim Kardashian released her SKIMS solution wear line yesterday, featuring a range of colour for every skin tone. The line earned Kim K. $2 MILLION within minutes! Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner teased her next magazine photo shoot… In PLAYBOY!



09/10/2019: Nikki's Biz

The Rock speaks out about Kevin Hart's car accident and back injury... 

FIRST, J-Lo got heckled by anti-fur activists in Toronto this weekend at her own film premiere!


09/09/2019: Nikki's Biz

What's going on with Felicity Huffman and that big college admissions bribery scandal?

FIRST, an update on Kevin Hart, who is walking again after his terrifying car crash and back surgery last week. 


09/03/2019: Nikki's Biz


08/30/2019: Nikki's Biz


08/29/2019: Nikki's Biz

Taylor Swift is one of the most stalked celebrities with the most trust-passers and break-in's in the last year.

PLUS, After 260 shows and bringing in more money then any musical tour in history Ed Sheeran is taking a well-deserved break from music.


08/28/19: Nikki's Biz


08/27/2019: Nikki's Biz


08/26/2019 - Nikki's Biz

We learned last week that The Rock is the highest-paid actor in Hollywood… But who is the highest-paid actress? Listen to find out!

PLUS, the Breaking Bad movie officially has a release date; Hilary Duff is bring back Lizzie McGuire… In her 30s! And PK Subban and Lindsey Vonn are engaged!



08/23/2019: Nikki's Biz


08/22/2019: Nikki's Biz


08/21/2019 - Nikki's Biz

Is this the “Most Hollywood Divorce Ever”?!

PLUS, Sam Smith has revealed that he spent 18 months battling mental health issues in therapy. He called it “the most challenging time of my short 27 years here”.


08/20/2019: Nikki's Biz

Did Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper enjoy a romantic getaway in France?!

PLUS, exciting news! It’s official: Shawn Mendes is in town and so is his rumoured girlfriend Camila Cabello! And the latest Twitter face-off between sitcoms ‘Friends’ and ‘Seinfeld’… Which classic TV show was better?



08/19/2019: Nikki's Biz

Does Cardi B have “political reporter” in her near future?! Times are changing, and crazier things have happened…

PLUS, a new documentary about Patrick Swayze premiere last night. ‘I Am Patrick Swayze’ has two hours of stories about his life, interviews, home movies, and interviews with Demi Moore, Rob Lowe and Jennifer Grey.

He was Ross’ companion on ‘Friends’ and we’ve learned that he is making a comeback… Do you remember Marcel the Monkey from ‘Friends’ very early in the series? It turns out that monkey’s real name is Katie, and she’s still getting work on TV!



07/12/2019: Nikki's Biz


We’ve got new music from Ed Sheeran!

PLUS, a celebrity wedding that went down last February, and we knew NOTHING about it! And R. Kelly was arrested yesterday in Chicago on federal sex crime charges including obstruction of justice. R. Kelly plead not guilty to 11 sex related felonies back in June.


07/11/2019: Nikki's Biz


Taylor Swift threw some MAJOR shade at Scooter Braun during her last concert…

PLUS, Denise Nickerson, who played Violet in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, has passed away at 62.


07/10/2019: Nikki's Biz

Early reviews for The Lion King movie are in!!

PLUS, new music from Beyoncé & The Lion King soundtrack…

If you’ve been enjoying those ‘Friends’ reruns on Netflix, you’ll be sad to know they won’t be there much longer. And Lady Gaga unveils her new Haus Laboratories cosmetics collection.


07/09/2019: Nikki's Biz


Is A-Rod the type of person you want consoling you when you’re having a tough moment?

PLUS, another day, another Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello sighting! This time the two of them were spotted sitting in the same side of a booth having a late night snack together (like, 5am late). What will their celebrity couple name be??

Sarah Jessica Parker says she has had “countless” experiences of men behaving poorly and inappropriately on set, including on the set of Sex and the City, which she starred in from 1998 to 2004. She opened up about one incident with a very, very big movie star…


07/08/2019: Nikki's Biz


These two have the potential to be the next “Justin & Britney” or the next “Bieber & Selena”… But are they dating or are they not?

PLUS, in the heat of the moment, Cardi B threw her wig into the crowd at her concert this weekend and now she wants it back! And videos of Ariana Grande struggling to get through songs on her tour have been making the rounds online. She has broken down in tears on multiple occasions recently, and has now explained herself publicly…



07/05/2019: Nikki's Biz


New music from Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars, Hilary Duff gets called out on Instagram for something she did to her baby girl.

PLUS, the biggest earthquake in years rattles California.


07/04/2019: Nikki's Biz


Who will play Arielle in the Disney live-action remake of The Little Mermaid?

PLUS, a huge new study reveals that people SMOKING in the most popular TV shows for young people has INCREASED in the past few years! Netflix says it will exclude all smoking from shows rated for people under 14!



07/03/2019: Nikki's Biz


Are Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper reuniting ALREADY?

PLUS, word is that Harry Styles is in the running to play Elvis in an upcoming movie! Tom Hanks will play Elvis’ manager! And the whole Taylor Swift / Scooter Braun drama continues…


07/02/2019: Nikki's Biz


#StandWithTaylorSwift is trending on Twitter, the latest drama TOOK OVER the Internet this weekend!

PLUS, Will Smith has something to celebrate… “Aladdin just passed Independence Day as the highest grossing film of my career!



26/06/2019: Nikki's Biz

This HUGE artist could be going to jail... For throwing a shoe at Nicki Minaj!

PLUS, did Shawn Mendes cause a breakup? And Kim Kardashian is releasing a shapewear line.


06/25/2019: Nikki's Biz

Would you ever go naked bungee jumping? THIS celebrity did!

PLUS, wait until you hear HOW MUCH money Cardi B dropped on her daughter's first birthday... And Shawn Mendes is encouraging people of all ages to ignore the haters!

21/06/2019: Nikki's Biz


Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber to have a UFC fight.

Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello  Collab ‘Señorita’ is on FIRE!

Plus, The a new teaser with Beyonce & Donald Glover 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' for 'Lion King' Teaser


20/06/2019: Nikki's Biz


Could the Oprah Winfrey Show be making a return?

PLUS, would you ever vote for Madonna for President? And is age really just a number?



19/06/2019: Nikki's Biz


18/06/2019: Nikki's Biz


So many famous faces in Taylor Swift’s new video…

Including one surprising one! PLUS, Bill Cosby tweeting from behind bars? A new entry in the Hunger Games series is on the way.



17/06/2019: Nikki's Biz


14/06/2019: Nikki's Biz


New music from Taylor Swift!

PLUS, Cuba Gooding Jr. has turned himself into the NYPD after he allegedly groped someone, but he claims he is innocent. And the Toronto Raptors won their first-ever NBA championship last night, and Drake led the celebrations!



13/06/2019: Nikki's Biz


Would Ross & Rachel from FRIENDS still be together today?

PLUS, another Spice Girls movie is on the way for the first time since 1997! And Justin Bieber doesn’t REALLY want to fight Tom Cruise…


06/12/2019: Nikki's Biz


Did Lady Gaga play a role in the demise of Bradley Cooper’s relationship?

PLUS, Khloé Kardashian has been named as Tristan Thompson’s mistress in new court documents filed by his OTHER child’s mother. And it looks like the feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift is officially over!



06/10/19: Nikki's Biz

Jada Pinkett-Smith has revealed that she and husband Will Smith have experienced “betrayals of the heart”... Read the full story here

PLUS, Céline Dion has officially ended her Las Vegas residency after 16 glorious years. Read the full story here

And Chriss Pratt has officially tied the knot with Katherine Schwarzenegger, Arnold’s daughter! Read the fulll story here

Listen to the Nikki, Sam & Andy Replay podcast for more from this morning’s show!


06/07/2019: Nikki's Biz


06/06/2019: Nikki's Biz


Today, we remember the historic Normandy Landings on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Claudia is in for Nikki’s Biz; listen to her coverage of this important historical event and more!  


06/05/2019: Nikki's Biz


Gwen Stefani is still pinching herself after learning she will be judge Adam Levine's replacement on U.S. talent show The Voice. 


Nikki's Biz: June 4th

Claudia in for Nikki talks about The Bachlorette, Miley Cyrus, and Jeopardy! 


31/05/19 - Nikki's Biz 


This actor turned politician is now a rapper too! Drake is criticized for his behaviour at Raptors games... And Kanye opens up about his mental health on David Letterman.

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