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New Music: Tyler Shaw - To the Man Who Let Her Go

New Music: Tyler Shaw - To the Man Who Let Her Go LARS HAGBERG / AFP / Getty Images

New on The Beat this week is Tyler Shaw's To the Man Who Let Her GoThis highly-anticipated song is taken from Tyler's first album in two years! Tyler opened up about what the project means to him.

 With every decision we make in life, we test our intuition

In the last 2 years, we didn't hear much from Canadian artist Tyler Shaw... Now, he has proven the wait was worth it! His new album INTUITION took him 2 years to make; he co-produced and wrote every track. This album takes a special place in his heart because he has finally found where we wants to take his career musically. 

Shaw opened up in-depth to his record label, Sunrise Records, about what the songs on this ablum represent to him.

In a split second, we choose between good and bad, right and wrong, and often we make split decisions without listening to our conscious. We have to believe we know in our gut what to do. My first album was a lot of experimenting with different songwriters, producers and ideas. This time around, the music is a real evolution of myself and my art. I reached to a deep place and trusted my intuition, so there was no better title for this album.

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Album Track List:

1. Same as Me
2. Cautious
3. The Wall
4. With You
5. Overthink
6. To the Man Who Let Her Go
7. If I Ever Lost You
8. Wanted
9. Anybody Out There feat. Amaal Nuux
10. My Friend
11. Help Me feat. TiKA 

Live from 11:30 PM to 12:00 AM
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