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Have you ever seen/encountered a ghost?

Have you ever seen/encountered a ghost?Cavan Images / Cavan / Getty Images

It's Halloween! What better way to celebrate, than to share ghost stories. I'm going to share mine with you. 

I’m sure that I was visited by a ghost when I was about 7 years old. It happened on a Friday night, after I had been put to bed and My Mom was in the backyard. I’m certain “someone” walked down our long hallway, and peeked into my doorway, as if to check on me. Then, the footsteps continued to our living room where we had an antique rotary phone. The dial started to noisily chug it’s way around the numbers. One after another, for nine times. I lay frozen in terror. Then, complete silence. To this day, I’m certain it was not a dream. It took forever to work up the courage to bolt from my bedroom. I made it down that long hallway to the backdoor, at warp speed! I collapsed in hysterics into my Mom’s arms. She tried to assure me that there were no ghosts in our house. But, she seemed at a loss to explain the rotary phone dialing on it’s own.

Do you have a ghost story?

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