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Healthy Couples Avoid these 4 Habits

Healthy Couples Avoid these 4 Habitssvetikd / E+ / Getty Images

Here are 4 habits you may be guilty of that are known to push partners apart:

Being too critical
Communication is the key in a relationship. There will always be something that you may do differently than your significant other, so it is key to communicate your preferences respectfully. Yelling and criticizing someone will only serve to hurt and demoralize them. This applies even if it is something as small as why did you fold the laundry like that, or why did you put the plates like that in the dishwasher. Be thankful for all the help and talk to one another instead of criticizing.


There is often one person that is a better communicator in the relationship. That person might be you! If so, you have the responsibility to leave your partner enough room to communicate with you. Otherwise, you won’t be hearing their likes, dislikes and feelings. Sometimes, during an argument we tend to think of only ourselves and our point. We overpower the person who has a harder time communicating. This leads to them always giving in because they see no point in defending themselves.


We expect that our partner will be there for us through good and bad. Sometimes, we get caught up in our own emotions, and we don’t give our partner the support they need.  Neglecting or ignoring your partner, even unintentionally, can take a toll on the relationship, making them feel that the only emotion you care about is your own.


Outside world
Today, with social media and our phones, it can be very difficult to stay in the “now”. We tend to always be looking at a screen instead of what’s in front of us. For example, during a romantic dinner with your partner, IGNORE YOUR PHONE or they may feel that your attention is not on them. (Obviously!) 

h/t: Psychology Today

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