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7 fun pool games to play with the kids

7 fun pool games to play with the kids
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Do your kids get tired of playing the same games in the pool? Why not change it up this year and teach them some new FUN water games.

Tag Team Attack
Adults you will need to hoist the younger kids while they push other kids on someone else’s shoulder and make them fall in the water. The pair that lasts till the end is the winner.

Call and Response Fun
One player is decided to be ‘IT’ and is blindfolded while others stand around him. Each time they scream “Marco”, all other players have to yell “polo”. ‘it’ needs to find a player and catch them.

Treasure Hunt
Hide a variety of objects at the base of the pool. Let the kids wear swimming goggles, take a deep breath, and dive into the pool to look for them.

Pool Volleyball
All you need is  the usual volleyball. Pass the ball to the other side and hit it to pass it back, just like regular volleyball games.

Scavenger Race
Put together few plastic sticks and let all kids stand at the edges of the pool turned around. Throw the sticks in the pool. The one who brings back the most and the soonest wins.

Whirlpool Creation
Without breaking the pool. Everyone stands in a circle and walks clockwise, faster and faster.

One player is decided to be ‘IT’. Whenever ‘IT’ manages to touch someone, the kid needs to freeze wherever he or she is until somebody touches him. The ‘IT’ cannot touch a person who is underwater.

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