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Drew Barrymore fears she would get addicted to cosmetic surgery

Drew Barrymore fears she would get addicted to cosmetic surgeryCover Media

Drew Barrymore has avoided getting cosmetic surgery because she fears she would become addicted to it.

The 45-year-old is steering clear of going under the knife, and during an episode of her talk show, she said she'll be embracing a filler-free face for a few years yet.

"I've never done anything to my face and I would like to try not to. The thing that I do care about and I do feel is still relevant to my life is the face. I know myself. I'm a highly addictive person," Drew explained.

"I do one injection, I'm going to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein by Friday," she quipped, referencing the U.S. socialite infamous for her extensive cosmetic surgery leaving her with a cat-like appearance.

The mother-of-two went on to share that she was left troubled when she was younger after seeing so many women going to the extreme to make themselves look younger.

"I think because I'm so rebellious that I saw all of that pressure and I saw all of those women torturing themselves to look a certain way and I thought, 'You miserable people.' I just never wanted to be afraid of what life would do to me. I probably went to too many opposite extremes. Now I'm boring and safe and healthy," she joked.

The 50 First Dates star urged other women to embrace their looks as they get older and appreciate their natural beauty.

"We're going to age, things are going to go south, and it's OK, it's a part of life. I feel more human and more vulnerable every year of my life but I also know how to appreciate every year more and more too," Drew added, noting that women should just "let go and give in to the ride of life a little bit more."


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