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  • VIDEO: Tom Cruise recreates 'outrageous' Top Gun stunts with James Corden

VIDEO: Tom Cruise recreates 'outrageous' Top Gun stunts with James Corden

VIDEO: Tom Cruise recreates 'outrageous' Top Gun stunts with James Corden
James Corden / Tom Cruise Terrifies James in 'Top Gun' Fighter Jet Stunt / Facebook

Tom Cruise jokingly tormented James Corden while taking him out for a spin in a jet plane recently.

In a segment for The Late Late Show with James Corden that aired on Monday, the Top Gun: Maverick actor is seen inviting the TV host to join him at an aircraft hangar in the desert.

"I'm very excited that James is doing this," said Tom. "Was he the first late-night show I asked? Hell, no. He was just the first one... the only one... who said yes."

After explaining the safety procedures, during which James became increasingly nervous, the action star joked that he would "plop" the Brit out of the plane if there was an issue with the plane or engine.

And after performing a series of manoeuvres in the vintage jet, another plane appeared alongside them, and they ended up in a "dogfight" reminiscent of a scene in 1986's Top Gun.

"You're insane," exclaimed James, to which Tom replied: "You did great!"

Later on, the 43-year-old undertook some "Top Gun training" before hitting the skies in a modern plane piloted by Tom while Kenny Loggins' classic tune Danger Zone played in the background.

"You are my Goose," said Tom, referring to the nickname of Anthony Edwards' character Nick Bradshaw in the original film.

"When you say I am your Goose, it makes me feel excited and then I realise that Goose dies at the end of the film," sighed James.

After zooming across the skies at high speeds and pulling off some spectacular flying, Tom landed and the pair disembarked.

"You can be my wingman, anytime," concluded Tom, while James laughed: "You know what? I think I'm good. That was absolutely outrageous."

Top Gun: Maverick opens in U.S. cinemas on 27 May.

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