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The Beat’s Ex Challenge

The Beat’s Ex Challenge

Ex-lovers, ex-roommates, ex-crushes…  What kind of relationship do you have with your exes? They know you better than most! Would you dare let them back into your life for a moment? Would you dare to let your friends ask them some intimate questions? If you could ask your ex one last thing and get an honest answer, what would it be?

Vinny, Nikki and Sam are “getting back together” with their exes! Watch and listen to what happens as they let their exes back into their lives and onto the morning show…  

Is Sam’s Crush “The One that Got Away”? 

Vinny and Nikki spoke on the phone with Sam’s ex-CRUSH and got some VERY interesting stories… This is one interview you don’t want to miss! Wait until you hear what she shared with us when we asked her for an “embarrassing story” about Sam, and MUCH MORE! Click to listen.


Would Nikki's ex-Roommate Live with Her Again?

Jeff used to live with Nikki, and they had some pretty fun times! The roomate situation was interesting and fun... Click here to listen, and get the full story! Vinny and Sam spoke to Jeff. STAY TUNED because TOMORROW, Nikki and Sam speak with Vinny's ex-wife! Uh oh... 



What would your ex-spouse say about you?

Find out what Vinny's ex-wife had to say about Vinny. She reveals the type of relationship they had, and it might surprise you! Plus, find out why they're no longer together (that answer might also surprise you!). Click here to listen.

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