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This Canadian “Snow Maze” is aiming for a World Record!

This Canadian “Snow Maze” is aiming for a World Record!iStock.com/yodiyim

Residents of St. Adolphe, Manitoba claim that their newly-constructed “Snow Maze” is the world’s largest… And they may well be right!

Just 25 km south of downtown Winnipeg, the owners of “A Maze in Corn” have taken on a new project this year. Their snow maze features over 1.3 km of walls occupying a total surface area of over 2.3 square kilometres. It took 300 truckloads of snow to build.

Reports vary on how long it takes to get through the maze – it could take 20 to 45 minutes or more! Given the typical frigid Manitoba winter weather, it’s probably best to layer up and never stop moving within the maze… However, there are fire pits and emergency exits throughout to make sure everyone can get out safely.

As for the coveted World Record… Guinness World Records representatives will visit the maze to measure it and if it’s up to snuff, it’ll be crowned the World’s Largest Snow Maze! The record is currently held by an 18,000 square foot maze built in 2014 in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Would you dare visit this giant “snow maze”?

Visit CBC News for photos and videos of this amazing Canadian winter wonder.


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