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The 6 Worst types of Secrets to keep from your Partner

Do you have ongoing money issues? Is your spending a problem or has it been in the past? Do you have a lot of debt? Your partner needs to know about this so that you can both employ good strategies to prevent money problems in the future.Source: urbazon / E+/ Getty Images
Do you have secret fantasies or a past sexual history that you’re uncomfortable sharing? Many people do, and if you have a partner, you really shouldn’t keep these things to yourself. Your partner may be the only person you’re ever able to speak with openly about your deepest desires. If you have a peculiar past, such as experimentation with fetishes, homosexuality, etc., it’s probably best to talk it over with your partner and find some common ground about what you’re both comfortable doing with each other.Source: South_agency/ E+/ Getty Images
Feelings about Others
This one isn’t just about romantic feelings. Whether it’s a crush on a co-worker or mutual friend, or just sharing how you feel about your partner’s friends and family, it’s important for your partner to know. In the best situation, you might find your partner actually agrees with you! In the worst case, your partner may be uncomfortable, but also more likely to trust you after you shared this sensitive information…Source: PeopleImages/ E+/ Getty Images
Your Romantic Past
Have you ever cheated on a past partner or been cheated on? Do you carry significant emotional baggage from past relationship failures? Guess what… Your partner probably has experience with these common issues as well. It’s best to get things like this out in the open, early on in the relationship.Source: fizkes / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Your Health
Health can be a scary conversation, especially if you’ve just been diagnosed with something serious. It’s equally difficult if you just started a relationship and have a pre-existing health problem (mental health, sexually transmitted disease, etc.). However, remember that your health is impossible to hide indefinitely. It’s usually best to just be completely honest from the get-go.Source: FatCamera / E+ / Getty Images
Your Bad Habits
Do you have a history of excessive drinking or smoking? Gambling? This can be tough to reveal to your partner… It can even be a deal-breaker, but it’ll only make things worse if you wait too long to tell them.Source: Mixmike/ E+ / Getty Images
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