5 homemade lemonade recipes to try this summer

Do you want something that will appeal to young and old alike? Try this classic lemonade recipe! Based on water, sugar and fresh lemon, this recipe is super simple to make and will be a guaranteed success. Find the recipe on the IGA website. Source: IGA
The adult version of the lemonade is right here! This drink will be all the rage in your next party between friends. This recipe is quite sweet so use a little less sugar if you prefer tart lemonades. Another piece of advice: the "reposado" tequila, aka the amber one, will be better than white tequila in this cocktail! Find the recipe on Chef Cuisto's website.Source: Chef Cuisto
To replace carbonated drinks, we love to prepare a pitcher of this sparkling pink lemonade. You can easily adjust the amount of sparkling water by using either more still water or more sparkling water. A must to try this summer! Source: MRMACKER / Moment / Getty Images
We never thought of sweetening lemonade with maple syrup and the result is delicious! The addition of mint is also refreshing. If you have only one recipe to try from this list, we recommend this one! Source: Burcu Atalay Tankut  / Moment / Getty Images
This is a little more complicated than the previous recipes, but it will certainly impress the guests! Make your own raspberry syrup from fresh or frozen raspberries to flavor the lemonade. Source: arinahabich /  iStock / Getty Images Plus
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