8 Unwritten Rules at the Gym

Whether it’s at the dumbbell rack or at the stretching area, be aware of people’s personal space! Don’t stretch in the workout area; there is usually a special area just for stretching. Give people a bit MORE space than they seem to need. It’s as much for safety as it is out of respect.Source: gradyreese/E+/Getty Images
If someone is using the equipment you want to use, you can ask to “work in” with them – as in, take turns. But make sure you’re both using a similar amount of weight. If not, it’ll be super annoying for the other person to have to help you change the weight each round.Source: CasarsaGuru/E+/Getty Images
This should go without saying. Don’t stare! It’s rude, distracting… And creepy! Just don’t.Source: gilaxia/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images
We know… It may be difficult to make NO NOISE when you’re working out. At least try to avoid making loud grunts, swearing or dropping weights loudly. Those types of noises are distracting, startling and unpleasant – don’t subject others to them!Source: Ljupco/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images
Drinking water is fine… Athletic drinks and protein shakes, too! Just try not to spill. However, eating in the gym should really not be necessary. It’s not the time or place!Source: TerryJ/E+/Getty Images
Basic hygiene is super important at the gym because that’s where we tend to produce the most SWEAT… And the worst SMELLS! Clean your clothes after each workout, shower after you’re finished, and WIPE DOWN the equipment after using it.Source: Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images
Put your cell phone away! It’s not text your BFF hour, it’s workout time! Having it on you to listen to music is fine, but don’t be staring at it the whole time! If you need to make a call, you should find a space where you’re not in the way to do so, and be quiet about it so as not to mess with people’s routine.Source: Tinpixels/E+/Getty Images
This should go without saying… But perhaps the biggest “unwritten rule” is that you should actually respect the WRITTEN ones!! Read them and respect them! Seriously. They’re there for a reason.Source: Westend61/Getty Images
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