Household Items you should Clean… But NEVER Do!

Sure, you can get away with washing your walls only occasionally… But no matter what, walls WILL get dirty over time, especially in the kitchen, where they are exposed to steam, splatter, sprays and all manner of other contaminants. In the bathroom, too, the presence of steam can help dirt and dust stick to the walls, so give them a good scrub-down every now and then!Source: asbe / E+ / Getty Images
Speaking of walls… We’re betting you often forget OTHER vertical surfaces, too! Cabinets, the fridge, doors – especially the bathroom door – and wall decorations all deserve the occasional scrub!Source: Aleksandra Zlatkovic / E+ / Getty Images
Sure, the inside of your microwave gets a regular cleaning… But what about the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, do they get cleaned inside regularly? They should! Otherwise, dirt, soap, limestone and other contaminants will accumulate.Source: TARIK KIZILKAYA / E+/ Getty Images
You may be surprised how much better your lampshades will look if you just go beyond a regular dusting! Once a month, try wiping them down with a soft, slightly humid cloth to remove stubborn contaminants. For fabric lampshades, you may need to use another method such as vacuuming gently with an upholstery attachment.Source: tru / E+ / Getty Images
How many times a day do you touch your light switches? Do you ever think to clean them? Source: michellegibson / E+ / Getty Images
The same goes for doorknobs, handles, even cabinet knobs & handles… Give them a good disinfectant scrub every once in a while!Source: ChuckSchugPhotography / E+ / Getty Images
Curtains should be gently vacuumed or hand washed with special detergent occasionally to prevent too much dirt & dust to accumulate.Source: John Keeble / Moment / Getty Images
Throw Pillows are just like regular pillows… They accumulate dirt & dust, and need to be washed regularly! When is the last time you washed yours?Source: Azri Suratmin / Moment / Getty Images
Did you know you should clean your coffee maker about once a month? This helps clear limestone buildup and prevents mold from growing. To clean the insides of your coffee machine, run a half-cycle with one part water, two parts vinegar, then run a full cycle with just water.Source: Phillip Chin /  WireImage / Getty Images
Last but not least, give your garbage cans a good scrub, inside and out, at least once a month! This will keep them from getting any sort of permanent smell or accumulating dirt and bacteria.Source: s-cphoto / E+ / Getty Images
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