4 Tricks to Keep your Cat Out of the Christmas Tree

Avoid shiny ornaments such as tinsel, as these are very attractive to cats. They can also be very dangerous for your cat if it decides to eat them. Try placing your ornaments at least a few feet up on the tree to avoid tempting your cat from jumping up at them.Source: Danielle Donders/Moment/Getty Images
You may never have noticed this, but cats HATE aluminum foil! The feel of the metal under their paws is uncomfortable to them and they hate the loud crinkling sound it makes. Lay some aluminum foil at the base of your tree for a cute snowy look and to keep the cat away!Source: Katsumi Murouchi/Moment/Getty Images
Citrus smelling spray will keep your cat away because they generally dislike the acidic smell of citrus. However, if your cat is asthmatic, you should avoid this. Try placing orange rinds in the branches among your ornaments instead!Source: Caro Sheridan/Moment/Getty Images
Some cats may be impossible to deter from tree climbing! After all, it’s something they do instinctively… In that case, make sure to install your tree on a solid base so that it at least doesn’t topple when your cat climbs it. You should also consider tying it to a wall or beam using a piece of thin rope or fishing line for added stability.Source: Oxygen/Moment/Getty Images
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