5 Essential Home Repairs Everyone Should Know

We’re not asking anyone to become a plumber here… But if a water leak develops in your home, you’ll be deeply grateful if someone knows where the shutoff valve is. This can also save you lots of money, as water damage can be very costly to repair.Source: YinYang/E+/Getty Images
You don’t need to be an electrician, but knowing where the electrical panel is in your home can save you money and trouble in certain situations. If a breaker jumps because it’s been overloaded, you’ll need to open the panel to reset it. You should also unplug some things from the plug that’s served by that breaker. As a bonus, you can always shut off certain things like the water heater if you’re leaving on vacation to save money. Any good electrician will write a description inside the electrical panel door so that you know which breakers control which switches, baseboard and plugs. Source: BanksPhotos/E+/Getty Images
A small container of spackle and a spatula is all you need to fix the ugly little holes that are left when you remove a painting. Plenty of YouTube videos will show you the right technique to apply spackle without making a mess, and your home will look much nicer. For the finishing touches, make sure to keep the right colour and type of paint handy. When you’re done, label the paint with the name of the room it’s used in so that you don’t forget!Source: Aabejon/E+/Getty Images
Knowing how to adjust the water heater’s temperature will save you money and improve your comfort. If the water in your home is the wrong temperature, you should learn how to change the temperature. Some models even have the setting outside the heater for easy access. Since water can account for about 30% of your heating costs, you can save money by turning it down if it’s too hot.Source: Jose A. Bernat Bacete/Moment/Getty Images
Changing out basic items like furnace or air conditioner filters and light bulbs is something anyone can do and usually requires little or no tools. All you need for the light bulbs is a good step ladder. Furnace filters should be changed once a month, according to familyhandyman.com.Source: Douglas Sacha/Moment/Getty Images
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