How to “Holiday Proof” your Relationship – 5 Expert Pointers!

If any tension builds up, or issues rise to the surface, it’s best to discuss them right away, lest they snowball (get it??) into bigger problems!Source: Petri Oeschger/Moment/Getty Images
Budget your Holidays – agree on how much you’re spending on gifts for each other as well as for other loved ones.Source: Emilija Manevska/Moment/Getty Images
Making a conscious effort to NOT be the humbug can go a long way to improving everyone’s spirits. Source: Marija Jovovic/E+/Getty Images
Make a PLAN for your Holiday season together. Who do you plan on seeing, and when? How much time do you want to spend at that big lavish party that only one of you really wants to go to? Source: jayk7/Moment/Getty Images
Maintaining a physical connection with your partner is important, especially when the going gets tough. It’s the best natural way to stay on the same page, both physically and emotionally.Source: Gilaxia/E+/Getty Images
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