4 Reasons Not to Touch your Phone for the First 30 Minutes Every Day

The stuff our phone displays is useful and even essential much of the time… But it can also be stressful! Work emails, texts from friends & family, ads, spam... All of these things can be super stressful and the thing is, you probably need to think about a lot of that stuff during the day anyways. In that case, why not just leave it alone for at least the first half hour? Source: Manuel Breva Colmeiro/Moment/Getty Images         
You may not realize just how detrimental your phone is to your relationships… Whether it’s distracting you from your partner or your kids, it’s important to set time aside to give them attention in the morning! After all, most of us don’t have much time with our loved ones, and mornings are often one of those rare, sacred moments.Source: Praetorianphoto/E+/Getty Images
It may be hard to realize, but looking at your phone in bed before you get up is consuming precious time! You should try not checking your phone until later, because you may be surprised to find you actually have more time for your morning routine! Source: PeopleImages/E+/Getty Images
Phones just kind of dump information on us in no particular order. It’s great for getting all the information you need, but it’s distracting, and it can lead to missed priorities, forgotten tasks, etc. Why not take the first 1/2 hour of your day to just think about what’s coming? You may find you don’t really need your phone’s help to plan your day!Source: Carlina Teteris/Moment/Getty Images
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