Espace pour la vie announces their grand reopening of the Montreal Biodome

Espace pour la vie is inviting everyone to book their tickets for the reopening celebration now.Source: © Espace pour la vie (Mathieu Rivard)
In this iconic space with its magnificent architecture revealed once again, a revitalized, multi-sensory, far more immersive experience awaits as you make your way through the five ecosystems of the Americas. Source: © Espace pour la vie (Mathieu Rivard)
There's something new in each of the five ecosystems. For instance, the treetop view of the Tropical Rainforest reveals some beautiful natural features that had been virtually invisible until now.Source: Biodome_Golfe du Saint-Laurent © Marc Cramer
You will also have the an opportunity to learn more about what our Biodôme crews do behind the scenes to care for the animals and ensure their well-being.Source: © Espace pour la vie (Mathieu Rivard)
The Biodôme has boldly decided to replace its traditional information panels with a brand-new mobile app that offers a variety of ways to give users the impression of being immersed in nature.Source: © Espace pour la vie (Mathieu Rivard)
In Laurentian Maple Forest, there's now a new perpective on the lynx habitat. And the new tunnel and wall of ice of the Sub-Antartic Islands ecosystem is guaranteed to give you goosebumps.Source: © Espace pour la vie (Mathieu Rivard)
Live from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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