10 Scary Movies to watch on Halloween

What’s not to love about this one? A film presented as a documentary crew's experience exploring the Catacombs of Paris. Megan from Promotions says its her “go-to” film because, “it leaves me speechless every time…”   
This remake is the highest-grossing horror movie, ever. Not a surprise since it’s based on Stephen King book. If there is one person around The Beat who knows a good writer, it’s our copywriter, Diane. She chose this gem and I concur. 
A movie so good, that they made three more installments. Wes Craven’s Scream, is still going strong after 22 years. Tania, our web editor says it’s her favorite. Most of the original cast appears in all 4 films too. Great for a “Screa-a-thon” this weekend.
Gruesome storylines, top-notch effects. It’s why,  our web content specialist, Henri likes the entire Saw series. There is 8 movies in all, plus a short film, so you’re basically set until Halloween. And if you’re looking for something lighter, try “Scary Movie.  It gets an honorable mention.  
Our receptionist Nicole, is a real horror fan. Narrowing down her list of favorites, was almost impossible. She suggests Dario Argento's "Susperia" and anything by David Cronenberg, calling him a genius. 
Another one of Nicole’s picks.  This award-winning film, is about an esteemed New York City composer who moves in to a haunted mansion in Seattle. What a pick! 
No arguments here, this is one of the best horror movies of all-time. Also, the first of the genre to get an Oscar nomination.  Whether you watch the film or read the novel by William Peter Blatty, you’ll be sleeping with the lights on. 
The story of Haddonfield Illinois, serial killer Michael Myers has spanned 40 years and 11 installments. Linda in our sales department, identified with the babysitter storyline. It kept her engaged despite the heart thumping moments. And Michael Myers is the top slasher in her heart, lol. Take that, Jason and Freddie!
Katie and Micah set up a camera to try and document what is haunting them. The supernatural horror is so creepy, that our program director couldn’t sleep for 5 days. Paul isn’t the only one! There are 3 follow-ups and some spinoffs. A solid bet for some good scares this Halloween. 
Jeremy’s pick, and you’re about to find out why. A radio host is victimized by Leatherface and his cannibal family. Too close to home for me, but if you’re in to it, the 2007 Gruesome Edition DVD even features some deleted scenes!
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