What your favorite Halloween treat says about you

You’re an intuitive person who can readily put yourself in other people’s shoes. Your empathy and understanding makes you a treasured friend. Source: MichellePatrickPhotographyLLC / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images
You’re a true-blue pal who’s cherished for your faithfulness. People tell you their secrets because they know they can trust your loyalty. Source: Steven Mark Needham / Corbis NX / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images
You’re an exciting, energetic companion who’s always ready for an adventure. You inspire others with your joyous abandon and are usually the life of the party. Source: KarenMower / E+ / Getty Images
You’re an eternal optimist who’s pleased by life’s simple pleasures. You’re also a romantic who believes most problems will work themselves out in the end.Source: Darren Boucher / Moment / Getty Images
You’re meticulous and organized, never making a decision without thinking it through thoroughly. Others typically look to you for advice and counsel. Source: Matt Cardy / Getty Images News / Getty Images
You’re filled with creative abilities that help you think outside the box. You’re also generous, surprising others with small gifts “just because. Source: ROBYN BECK / AFP / Getty Images
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