5 hot drinks to try this fall

The most popular fall drink is undoubtedly the pumpkin spice latte. It is found in most small cafes, but it is very easy to make yourself at home.Source: mphillips007 / E+ / Getty Images 
Not only delicious to taste with its spicy otes, chaï tea comes in several variations and you can try several flavors.Source: Keiko Iwabuchi / Moment / Getty Images
The classic is undoubtedly hot chocolate. There is so many way to serve it. Some prefer it with marshmallows, others will want to flavor it with mint.Source: istetiana / Moment / Getty Images
For lovers of sweet, caramel coffee is the guilty pleasure of the weekend.Source: skodonnell / E+ / Getty Images
Here we trade sweets for a little nutty taste. It is a must try!Source: Dilyara Slesarenko / Stock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images
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