5 Benefits of eating Pumpkins

It's not just carrots! Pumpkins also contain a nutrient called alpha-carotene which is known to boost your immune system.Source: sandoclr / E+ / Getty Images
The alpha-carotene nutrient in orange vegetables also helps protect you from getting cataracts and other age-related eye issues.Source: ferrantraite / E+ / Getty Images
Pumpkins are known to help with High Blood Pressure due to the high amounts of potassium.Source: SDI Productions / E+ / Getty Images
Pumpkins help with keeping your kidneys, bladder and prostate clean.Source: istetiana / Moment / Getty Images
Pumpkin seeds are a very healthy snack due to their high protein levels and healthy fats, not to mention how delicious they are!Source: Blanchi Costela / E+ / Getty Images
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